Welcome to Bridging Schisms

Welcome to Bridging Schisms! In this blog I intend to explore, question and attempt to understand other people’s beliefs.

I regularly come across people who believe things which to me seem ridiculous. Instead of saying, “That’s nonsense!” or “Let’s agree to disagree”, I try to question and challenge believers. In doing so I hope to get to the bottom of what people believe and why. I am also hopeful that in some cases I may be able to change their minds.

As for myself I’m a humanist. I believe that ethical questions should be decided on the basis of human needs. I don’t believe in the existence of any gods, nor in anything supernatural, simply because I have not seen sufficient evidence for either. That said, I’m not ruling out the possibility that such things could exist, but I’ll need more than anecdotal evidence to be convinced.

I intend to base this blog primarily on experiences and encounters with beliefs and believers in my day to day life. I don’t yet know how much talking with different believers my time and patience will allow, but I will endeavour to be thorough and to share my experiences here as much as possible. I hope that I can learn something in this process and provide some interesting stories.

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