Religious Corroboration – Huhtikuism

280px-tas_native-henThe majority of beliefs I write about are relatively mainstream, but I recently stumbled upon the almost unknown Huhtiku belief system. This is a minor Scandanavian religion which went out of fashion over seven hundred years, so our limited knowledge of it relies on a few scraps of text and interpretation of artwork.

What is most notable about Huhtikuism is the claim that it was discovered by two separate groups of people, apparently before any contact had been made between them. As far as I know this is a unique claim – all other religions began in a particular part of the world from where they spread as believers traded or migrated.

Spirits within spirits

Huhtiku believers thought of every object, large or small, as being a spirit, or Tankero, with intentions and personality of its own. This belief stretches from seeds to areas of land or even the entire planet. The result is “overlapping” spirits, some within others, inhabiting the same physical space. So many rock spirits may be contained entirely in a mountain spirit which is within the spirit of the land. Some of the religious artwork looks like a complicated Venn Diagramme. The desires and movements of these spirits are said to account for all the intricate workings of nature.

The Huhtiku creation story is one of bizarre liberation. No one knows where these Tankero-spirits came from. However, at some time in the distant past before the physical world existed, they were uniform, no two different from each other.  The Tankero were unable to change form as they were confined in the bellies of Kaenna, which seem to be flightless birds, possibly chickens. They were only freed from this captivity when a savage fight broke out amongst their captors in which the all the Kaenna perished, freeing the Tankero.  Once released, they took on diverse physical forms and personalities as a way of expressing their new-found freedom.


As the Tankero are everywhere, Huhtiku teaches that it is very easy to offend one or more spirits with any simple action. Planting a seed requires thought of what the seed’s intention is; a rock should not be moved to a place that is unnatural for it. In spite of human efforts, Tankero are often offended and predictably this requires a ritual appeasement, usually by eating birds’ feet. Surely, a pretty unpleasant experience. Flightless birds are also treated with suspicion. To be injured whilst attempting to catch one is considered very unlucky.

Independently invented?

So was Hihtikuism actually discovered or invented independently in more than one place? Western anthropologists have long been aware that Huhtiku beliefs were widespread in Finland during the early middle ages, but it wasn’t until recently that a strikingly-similar belief system was discovered amongst indigenous Tazmanians. These beliefs date from a similar period in history and while Tazmania has no written records of it, numerous rock paintings have been found apparently depicting the Kaenna and Tankero creation story and the ritualistic consumption of birds’ feet. No oral tradition in Tasmania today is specific enough to be linked to Hihtikuism, but there are numerous superstitions around the hunting of the Tasmanian Native hen.

It seems highly unlikely that there could have been communication between medieval Tasmanians and Scandanavians, so what is the explanation for the similarity in their beliefs? For most believers this dual discovery would be a “holy grail” of confirmation that their beliefs came from an external, non-human source. Another possibility is coincidence. It is not unthinkable that two independent cultures could have invented similar creation stories and related practices. Whether or not a coincidence is plausible depends on exactly how detailed and similar the beliefs are. Unfortunately as the evidence is sparse we may never know the real story.

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  1. Very good. I thought for a moment that my Little-Known Faiths series had missed a bit.

    “they were confined in the bellies of Kaenna, which seem to be flightless birds, possibly chickens”


  2. Interesting. That system within system is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. So that, for example, the liver has its own personality (perhaps not spirit) withing the human body.

    What? you don’t eat chicken feet? They’re delicious. Order some the next time you go for Dim Sum. Yam!

    My Chinese friends and I took my Caucasian husband for Dim Sum and put a basket of chicken feet in front of him. He just about puked.

    It will never be the same for me again, though. From now on, it will be a religious ceremony.

  3. Yeah I had a lucky escape and almost ate Chicken feet in Japan. Saw the symbol for Chicken on the menu and thought, “That should be OK.” Lucky my sister in law pointed out that the next symbol was “feet” or in another case, “cartilage”. Phew!

    I should probably own up now that the above post is an April Fool’s Day joke, entirely fabricated by me. Well done yunshui for rumbling it so fast. That guy has a nose for bullshit… erm, I mean…

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  5. Sorry Lorena, but it does say on my About page that Eshu is a trickster god… ;-)

    Perhaps it was the thought of those yummy chicken feet that made you less critical of Huhkituism than you would have been? I think there’s only one horse the the horoscope race, we all know where the most accurate horoscopes are!

  6. Nice. I almost put my back out doing last week’s horoscopes (all that staring at the sky tales its toll), and Gawd’s Postie gets the credit?

    Makes me wonder why I bother unveiling the mysteries of the universe to you lot.

  7. I’d just like to make it clear that Yunshui fabricates all those horoscopes entirely on his own. My posts are completely factual.

  8. Lorena, aww you’re not still upset about the April Fool’s Day trick are you?

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  9. Excellent. Of course, if it were the ‘holy grail’ linking a religion from Tasmania to Finnland, it would mean that Christianity is not the true religion. Now that would have been worth it.

  10. Eshu,
    I’ve been consistently, horribly surprised at Yunshui’s accuracy. Just two days ago I was accosted, insulted and rather badly beaten by a group of surly penguins for practically no reason.
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  11. (((Billy))) – Yep, I could bear to eat a few chicken feet for the world’s Christians to eat humble pie… and chicken feet!

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  13. Help …. I can’t stop laughing. My darn tummy hurts.

    I’ve been consistently, horribly surprised at Yunshui’s accuracy. Just two days ago I was accosted, insulted and rather badly beaten by a group of surly penguins for practically no reason.
    Guess who saw it coming?

    Priceless…you guys provide countless hours of free entertainment.

  14. @Postie

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  24. I believe Eshu is referring to a bit of aikido terminology – the “third point” is basically the opposite of one’s centre of balance. Aikidoka attack the third point because it’s easy to make people fall over when they move their weight there.

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  25. Lorena gets up really early hoping to find out what the heck a man’s “third point” is. Then she reads Yunshui’s answer and has no idea what to make of it.

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  26. Word of the Day: Fatwa.

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    I think Yunshui just referred to me as an Islamic Satanist. ;-)

  27. Lorena,
    Yunshui is right, that’s what I meant by “third point”. Think of yourself as a tripod with only two legs. Aikido would be trying to push a person towards that third leg which isn’t there. It’s a fancy way of tripping someone up. Actually Lorena, as you’ve read more Jane Austin than me you might know more funny old English words than I do.

    Thanks, yes I was wondering if anyone would notice the effort I went to making vague references to chickens and April in Finnish. Ah the Internet is the bluffer’s friend…

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