Site Policies


I take reasonable care to ensure all posts are accurate, however I make no promises regarding inaccuracies, omissions, etc. I’d recommend that if you’re researching something online you don’t rely solely on any one website, but consult a variety of sources. I’m only human, so when I do go wrong please use the comment box at the bottom of each post (if you click on the title of the post first) to make suggestions or correct me.

Similarly, I try to reference and link to my sources wherever possible, so that the original authors get credit where it’s due. However, if I neglect to do this or I use ideas which have been covered before, by all means let me know and I’ll link to it.

When I quote someone, I try to let them know that I’ve done so, in order that they have a chance to respond. If anyone has an email address for Schopenhauer, please let me know.


I’d like to encourage readers to comment and participate in the discussions here. However, there are some rules and recommendations…


Commenters who ignore the following rules may have their comments deleted or be banned entirely. You will get a warning, unless it seems you’re trying to make trouble.

  • No insults, no ad hominem attacks
    By all means attack the arguments made by posters or commenters, but do not attack the people who make them. It doesn’t help your argument and it creates a bad atmosphere.
  • Stay on topic
    If comments drift from the post’s topic over time, that’s fine. What is not fine is someone completely changing the subject with a mini-essay or long-winded sermon. If you’ve got a particular point to make that isn’t relevant to one of the posts here you can probably find a blog post elsewhere on the web which discusses your point or even start your own blog.


You won’t be penalised for ignoring the following recommendations, but they may help your opinions be more favourably received.

  • Discuss rather than declare
    I suggest that rather than simply stating an opinion, you say why you believe that. Providing references (with links if possible) will make your point more convincing.
  • Format for clarity
    Try to avoid a long comment in a single paragraph. If you’re responding to something written above, use a blockquote tag. The buttons above the comment box allow you to add some basic HTML tags to help with this.

I hope to exercise restraint when moderating comments and to encourage debate as much as possible. However, please remember that commenting here is a privilege not a right. The owner of this blog has the final say on what is and is not acceptable.