Blogday And Excuses

It was a year ago last Wednesday that I made my first post on Bridging Schisms.

Since then I’ve written 45 posts, perhaps somewhat below average. I could tell you that the reason I haven’t written more is my dedication to accuracy, originality and quality. But if you’ve actually been reading Bridging Schisms for the last year you’ll find that a rather obvious piece of marketing codswallop. The reality is that life has often got in the way of blogging and all the more so in recent weeks when my job situation has changed, keeping me busier than I’d like. (I actually wrote this post a week ago, but forgot to publish it, which only goes to show the hectic state of my life at the moment!)

However, I have a number of new articles planned for the coming months which I hope you will enjoy. These include an interview, several book reviews and a challenge to practitioners of pseudoscience, which I hope to finish off in the spare moments I can grab around work deadlines.

In the mean time I’d like to thank you for reading and beg for your patience. Your comments and suggestions are welcome as always and I promise to return to blogging (and commenting on your blogs) as soon as I can.

Take care,

– Eshu